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  • Specification of Business Card Size

    Step by step instructions to Make Your Own Business Cards Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or visual designer hoping to make appealing business cards, the initial step is knowing how to begin. It’s anything but difficult to create an expert looking business card utilizing whatever product devices you have on […]

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    How to Make Custom Business Cards Online for Free

    There are lots of business cards types. MakeBadge lets you make custom business cards online for free no matter what business card design you prefer. Basically, business card creation is divided into 3 main stages: design, writing and proof-reading and printing. The process is easy. The video tutorial explains how […]

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    Business Cards

    Business cards are business documents that identify your personality as an individual or a representative of a company. They contain basic information about you and transfer it to partners and customers. Usually business cards are exchanged during business meetings and negations to make communication process easier.

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    10 Legendary Business Cards of Famous People

    A business card is an integral part of every businessman. Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Steve Jobs have printed numerous business cards for business partners, investors and customers. On the way to get rich, these business attributes could be lost. But fortunately, their early age visiting cards have survived and […]

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    Top 10 Most Creative Business Cards You Should See

    Business cards design might be a complicated task. Your business cards should clearly emphasize your business industry and show your uniqueness. Besides, your business ID card must stand out among similar cards in any business card holder. Meanwhile, your business card should meet typical business cards requirements. To find a […]

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    3 Essential Elements of Business Cards Design

    Creative business cards require design skills, proper size and shape and a right card printing material. On the contrary, MakeBadge business card maker proves that anyone is able to shape beautiful cards without professional help. However, it’s worthy to learn essential elements of business card design, no matter which card printing […]

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