Name Tags

Name tags are name cards that display a name of the holder and the key info such as a job title, a business name, a company logo, a type of his/her occupation (for example, school class name, membership status, access permission level, etc).
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Name Badges

MakeBadge is a universal badge maker. It makes all sorts of badges free online and provides you with all accompanying options for badge making such as: name badge templates, badge design, name badges personalization and badge printing. Thus, you can generate name badges from scratch and proceed to actual printing in less than 10 minutes while paying nothing for this!
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Free Bright Clothing Tags to Label Your Stuff Quickly

Clothing labels are a good thing actually, since you’ll be able to spot your clothes much faster than others. It’s extremely useful when your dress up in a gym, pick up your clothes in a laundry or just make clothing labels for kids outfit. Clothing tags will also be a significant help for the laundry’s workers. At last, we’re all busy people and such badges save time on stuff search. The only thing you can do in this situation is to create colorful and nameable (word play spotted) clothing tags with our online badge maker 100% free of charge. Continue reading

How to Design Custom Badges Online Free

Custom badges are unique name badges that contain full employee info. Unlike reusable name badges, custom badges are one & only in the sense of style for each team member.

Original custom badges are inexpensive to print using MakeBadge badge maker! All you need to do is to select a template for custom badge design and to unleash your creativity. Click “Get Started” button to make any number of customized badges free and quickly.
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