MakeBadge – badge maker for everyone

MakeBadge is a badge maker, free web application for making name badges, name tags, buttons, labels and passes. The app allows everyone to design and print custom ID cards on the spot. Thus, each person has a chance to make unique name cards without solid design skills.


Unique MakeBadge Features:

  • 50+ free templates for tags and badges
    Unlike many online badge makers, MakeBadge offers all name badge templates absolutely free of charge.
  • ready printable name badges
    If you don’t have time on name tags design, you can simply download blank name tag for print. Just select badge type and template and hit the “Save” button above the MakeBadge editor.
  • personalize badge templates quickly
    Add your unique style to your badge template quickly and easily. Turn standard “Hello, my name is ” name tag template into fancy-looking professional name cards for employees, guests and students.
  • free name tags for everyone and everything
    Thanks to variety of badge design patterns, MakeBadge can provide badges to everyone: employees, kids, meetings, events, concerts, luggage. Please check full list of name tags categories that are available for use in MakeBadge.


MakeBadge Philosophy – Paperwork without hassle

We believe that paperwork should be done without hassle. Help us to improve MakeBadge:

1. Design with Us

Are you a talented designer? Have brilliant ideas of badge templates or name tags?

Contact us and we will add your badge templates to MakeBadge. Together we will bring standard office badges to superb design level. All badge design authors will be listed at MakeBadge Gallery, the custom design will be clearly labeled with the author’s signature and contact info.


2. Translate with Us

¿Habla español? Parlez-vous français?
Email us your local translation and we will make MakeBadge version in your language. Thus, non-English speakers have a chance to get high quality badges. All foreign language gurus will be listed at MakeBadge Gallery.


3. Write with Us

Are you an outstanding copywriter or an innate blogger?

Express freely your ideas at MakeBadge Blog. Contact us, discuss your blog post with us and we will post your article. All guest blogs will be clearly marked with the author’s bio and contact info. Regular guest bloggers will be honored to join MakeBadge Gallery.


4. Promote with Us

Do you know friends who need badges? Is your Twitter account popular? Are you a TechCrunch editor?

Let’s spread a good word about MakeBadge around the globe. Join our Facebook & Twitter pages. Retweet our updates, invite your friends to our Facebook page, and recommend our blog posts. Feel free to publish reviews about MakeBadge. Most active fans will be listed in MakeBadge Gallery.


5. Improve with Us

Did you find a bug or get an error message? Do you notice spelling mistakes?

Email us an error description or a screenshot at [email protected]. We’ll do our best to fix it!



Stay in Touch with MakeBadge

Please feel free to provide any feedback, questions or comments at [email protected]

Also, you can use the contact form below.