Top 10 Most Beautiful School Name Tags

Name tags are often used in schools for visitors, students and conferences. Name tags for kids usually contain first name, last name and optionally grade and school name. A classic name badge template “Hello, my name is ___________” is limited to 4 printed words and a line to fill in name. This concept has no […]

10 Legendary Business Cards of Famous People

A business card is an integral part of every businessman. Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Steve Jobs have printed numerous business cards for business partners, investors and customers. On the way to get rich, these business attributes could be lost. But fortunately, their early age visiting cards have survived and now everyone can see legendary […]

Top 10 Most Creative Business Cards You Should See

Business cards design might be a complicated task. Your business cards should clearly emphasize your business industry and show your uniqueness. Besides, your business ID card must stand out among similar cards in any business card holder. Meanwhile, your business card should meet typical business cards requirements. To find a solution to this dilemma and […]

Employee Name Tags Best Practices: 4 Dos & Don’ts for Design

Probably you already have staff name tags. If not yet, create name tags for employees right now using MakeBadge badge maker. Employee name tags or also called name badges become an ordinary attribute of business. Tons of ink and paper is wasted on such paper cards printing every day. Numerous websites sell stock and blank […]

Top 5 Free Apps for Business Meeting Organizers: Plan, Invite, Present

Successful business meeting or convention like beneficial negotiations or efficient networking require a lot of skills, practice, energy and talent. To organize a good business meeting, you’ll need to develop a road-map for the meeting in advance to avoid any force majeure. Otherwise, the situation may get out of control and meeting results may be […]

Reusable Name Badges vs. Custom Name Badges Comparison

Reusable name badges or custom name badges – this question arises when a business decides to get some kind of name labels for its employees. Here at MakeBadge, you can get reusable name badges right away for free. Before you click “Get Started” at our MakeBadge badge maker app, let’s compare both pros and cons […]

3 Essential Elements of Business Cards Design

Creative business cards require design skills, proper size and shape and a right card printing material. On the contrary, MakeBadge business card maker proves that anyone is able to shape beautiful cards without professional help. However, it’s worthy to learn essential elements of business card design, no matter which card printing option you prefer.