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Business card design might be a complicated task. Your visiting cards should clearly emphasize your business industry and show your uniqueness. Besides, your ID card must stand out among similar cards in any business card holder. Meanwhile, your card should meet the typical requirements.



To find a solution to this dilemma and design custom business cards with MakeBadge, look at top 10 creative business cards designs for an inspiration. These business cards are truly amazing. They take advantage of unusual shape, texture, material, colors, and eloquence. The owner’s creativity and unconventional approach to business help to catch attention and impel to deal with such a businessman.


Google Visiting Card

Google Business Card

If your customers surf the web and come to you via your website, than make a business card in search engine style like to Dallas Printer did. Uncommon design and full information about your company enable your customers remember you quickly.


Cafe Owner Card

Cafe Business Card

A cafe expresses its company profile with button badges. A clear coffee cafe appeal is reflected in round coffee cup badge style. Thanks to such a business card, each of us will know where to go to drink a cup of coffee.


Facebook Business Card

Facebook Business Card

Facebook is a great place to find new friends and learn more about strangers. Maybe it’s time to make Facebook-like business cards? Put your time line info, a profile picture and the button “Add as Friend” – and get a non-traditional social network business card.


Developer Visiting Card

Developer Business Card

Are you a designer, a webmaster or a developer? Then, take a look at a laconic black business card with a piece of code. Name, website and email – all contacts that a web person needs. The business cards design has no bla-bla-bla: just contact and business industry of your interest.


Sales Person Card

Sales Person Business Card

If you sell wood or jewellery, highlight it with your card design. This business card is made of wood, so a customer does not need a hint what a business is all about.


Musician Business Card

Musician Business Card

Singers, rock stars, radio hosts and all musicians should know this business card. It looks like a microphone. The outstanding style and key contact info assist the business card to take the lead in a business card handbag.


Metal Visiting Card

Metal Business Card

This business card differs by the material. It has a metal surface and a chain. A dog tag design with clear info serves as a business card. An extraordinaire style is worth to remember.


Pocket-Fit Business Card

Pocket-Fit Business Card

This business card is easy to fold in two and can fit a pocket. Besides, it natural design and extra space allows you to take some notes about the business card owner.


Teacher’s Card

Teacher Business Card

Though this business card belongs to graphic designers, it can be a perfect match for a teacher, a university professor or a tutor. A piece of a notebook page with contacts looks simple but noteworthy.


Button Card

Button Business Card

The button business card or a button badge is simple, yet beautiful. Small round card stands out by its alternative design. It’s hard to squeeze the button badge in an ordinary business card holder. But button design shows that the button owner is a creative professional.

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