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St. Valentine Day is coming soon. It’s a perfect time to prepare a bachelor party for friends, acquaintance, colleague and help Cupid unite several single people. There are many ways to create a relaxing atmosphere for unfamiliar guests. And MakeBadge app is one the key tools for an excellent St. Valentine party – guess how come? Here are top 5 tips that turn your Valentine Day party into real love adventure:



1. Design Name Tags for St. Valentine Party

Use all your imagination and create custom name tags for each person. The invitee should put on the name tag. A creative name tag is one of the fastest ways for your guests to get acquainted and remember everyone’s names. Thanks to MakeBadge app, you can definitely take advantage of this method, make name tags, since it is an absolutely free online app.

Name Tags for Valentine Day


2. Take Your Time to Prepare Introduction for Each Person

You can arrange an introduction for each invitee. It can be a public announcement by the host or a stand with pictures and links to a Facebook profile.


3. Bring Good Music and Lyrics to the Party

People stop feeling ill at ease when they hear good music. Find class Frank Sinatra songs about love or ask a local rock band to come. Great tunes will improve everyone’s mood.


4. Offer Tasty Food and Let People Talk

Weather, food and common hobbies are good topics for small talk. The initial conversation should take place in a warm and friendly environment. So do your best and give your guests time to have a break, eat and talk.

St Valentine Scrapbooks Design


5. Create Scrapbooks with Pictures from Your Valentine Day Party

The scrapbooks with invitee images will be a great gift. Sometimes bachelors need time to make up their mind. So make photos and create photo slideshows or scrapbooks from the party with Smilebox app. Lots of guests will surf through the pictures and return to you for a phone number of the person they liked.



Are you ready to design name tags for your party? Try free name tag maker now!

Are you ready to design name tags for party?