You are currently viewing Get impressive handmade wedding invitation templates by Alicebluefox is the project of Alice, the photographer and designer, related to high-quality templates of wedding invitation, thematic wedding collections of graphics and mockups, and more.


The project was founded in 2017, its main idea is stylish, colorful hand-drawn watercolor compositions, wrapped in an editable .pdf format with unique fonts embedded in it. All that remains to be done by the buyer of this beauty is to open the .pdf file and edit the necessary text fields by inserting your own information. Then, the file can be printed at home on your printer or saved and carried to the nearest print service for better printing. Very affordable and elegant solution.

Particular attention is paid by the authors to the high-quality photos of their goods, as you can see by looking at the photo below. Absolutely unbelievable selection of colors, composition and organic combination of the product with the surrounding objects – this is the key feature of the Alicebluefox team.



Initially, designers sold their work only on the marketplace, and some others, but the need to concentrate on the development of their own brand prompted them to create their own online store, for which the platform Shopify was chosen. Alicebluefox store now exists on it.


All the Alicebluefox products are divided into three broad categories.

Wedding invitations and compositions.

“We have everything you need for a wonderful wedding …”. In fact, one has only to go into this section, and the breath away from such an accessible variety of wedding invitation cards, envelopes, posters and sets, kept in a single style, color pin solution and materials, takes your breath away. Everything is done by hand and with an excellent sense of taste and measure.


Evening Invitations

Wedding Evening Invitation, Aurora


Save the dates

Wedding Save the Date Template, Aurora


Wedding Invitation Collections

Wedding Invitation Suite, Colorista

Wedding Invitation Suite, Monroe

Wedding Invitation Template, Elisa


Invitation Kits

Rustic Wedding Invitation Suite, Sophie



Wedding Invitation Template, Aurora


Menu Cards

Wedding Menu Template, Monroe



Wedding Program Template, Aurora


Seating & Table Cards

Rustic Wedding Seating Plane Template, Sophie


Sitting charts

Wedding Seating Chart Template, Aurora


Information Cards

Rustic Wedding Information Cards, Sophie


Directions Signs

Wedding Directions Sign, Aurora


Guestbook Signs

Wedding Guestbook Sign, Aurora



Drunk in Love Sign Template, Aurora


Welcome signs

Welcome Wedding Sign Template, Aurora


Belly bands

Wedding Belly Band Template, Aurora



Envelope Template, Aurora



Printable Envelope Liner, Sophie



Wedding Thank You Tag, Aurora




Thank You Cards

Rustic Wedding Thank You Card, Sophie


Invitations to parties and festive events.

This section is still under development, but potentially interesting for buyers. The available selection of graphics templates for themes, color and style.

Baptism Invitation Template, Aurora



The idea of this section arose from that compositional variety and materials for photos, which is used in the section of wedding invitation products. Mockup buyers have access to compositions in which they can put their own work for a more advantageous and stylish presentation. This is an extremely budget and beautiful solution for the presentation of their graphic works, which saves the buyer time.

Peony leaves and 5x7 card Mockup


So, Alicebluefox is a place where you can choose all the necessary printed accessories for your wedding or party at a very affordable price. They are made by hand, selected in the collection, taking into account the themes, colors and styles of your event. Buy at and enjoy!



How to make a wedding badge?

  1. Sign In to the
  2. Go to the Makebadge’s Name Badges section (
  3. Choose a desired template or start to create your Badge from scratch.
  4. Define a size and orientation of your Badge.
  5. Define the areas inside your badge where will be text fields, photo or a corporate logo, contact address, phones, emails e.t.c.
  6. Choose a text size, fonts, colors.
  7. Type all your text fields and set desired sizes to them.
  8. Upload a logo and photo.
  9. Check all the elements’ positions, change its places if necessary.
  10. Save your artwork.
  11. Export your Badge as a file.
  12. Print it on your home printer or in nearest Print Shop.

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