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  • Unique and Creative Business Card Materials Examples

    July 13, 2017 blog business cards, creative, materials

    Every time you think about ordering a new business card for yourself, you solve the problem of how to make them more reflective of your path in business. Below we give some of the most successful creative examples of business cards that you will remember for a long time.

    01. Guitar Accords

    The awesome Cards designed by St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc., Canada.
    “These business cards introduce the fun of learning to play the guitar within moments of holding them. Raised thermographic printing add a nice dimension to the guitar chord diagram and serve as tactile indicators for accurate finger placement.”

    02. Smokin’ Business Card

    Bos Agency from Toronto has made a Business Card thet you can roll up and smoke. Each card contained 5 perforated filters.


    03. Tiny Cheese Grater Business Card

    The Bon Vivant, the Brazilian-based cheese shop hired ad agency JWT to come up with something better to print address and contact details. And in every way possible, this miniature cheese grater business card is a great idea. The grater comes in a protective sleeve, which probably also helps to minimize the inevitable cheese smell from permeating your pocket.


    04. Ninja Business Card

    Red Keds Agency, Russia.
    “The idea came to me in the head like a bullet, in an instant, and soon everyone enjoyed. At that moment I was not even thinking about how to make a business card. I was inspired by old movies about ninjas and kung-fu. I thought ‘why not make a shuriken that will kill and still be functional’ (joke) ”


    05. Beton, concrete Business Cards

    Playing on the notions of ladders, Murmure agency realizes a series of cards of visit of concrete. This material, so characteristic of our environment, is highlighted by the use of one of the smallest and most refined communication media. The finesse and the techniques used for the typography reinforce the asperities and the brutality.


    06. Swiss Cheese Business Card

    The brilliant minimalistic Business Cards created with stylised round cheese holes.


    07. Yoga’s Creative Business Card

    The awesome soft Business card was created for the yoga school.


    08. Musical Business Card

    Not only to see the contacts but make the melody sounds, that is an idea!


    09. Library Book Business Card

    The great sample of the writer’s card, tactile and luxurious.


    10. Chocolate Business Card

    The real chocolate card. Was available for order at, but not now.
    Do not try to put it in your pocket, just eat it after reading!


    11. Coin Business Card

    Metal coin business card by, manufacturer of the finest personalized business card coins.



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