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  • Reusable Name Badges vs. Custom Name Badges Comparison

    February 19, 2013 blog badge maker, badges, name badges

    Reusable name badges or custom name badges – this question arises when a business decides to get some kind of name labels for its employees. Here at MakeBadge, you can get reusable name badges right away for free.

    Before you click “Get Started” at our MakeBadge badge maker app, let’s compare both pros and cons of reusable name badges and see what type of name badges you need for your staff – personalized or reusable ones.

    Why reusable name badges are good for your business

    reusable name badge

    1. Reusable name badges are cheaper than custom name badges

    To tell the truth, the cheap price of reusable name badges is the main reason for their popularity. Ordering a pack of reusable name badges will cost about $20. However, if you buy the same amount of personalized name badges, then it might be a 10 times more expensive purchase than bying the reusable ones.

    2. Reusable name badges keep badge design expenses down

    Usually reusable name badges are ordered in bulk, so that you spend money on name badge design only once. Needless to say, if a new employee comes, he/she is given a unified reusable name badge. You escape the need to order one more name badge and pay a higher price for a small quantity of prints.

    3. Reusable name badges are so easy to replace

    If an employee loses an old name badge, he/she is provided with absolutely the same badge substitute immediately. This is a serious advantage of blank name badges over their personalized peers.

    4. Reusable name badges are eco-friendly

    Reusable name badges cut down expenses on both design and printing. It means that you save on paper, ink, electricity, delivery, etc. Since most of reusable badges are protected by plastic, they have a longer lifetime. Thus, each reusable name badge is much more nature and eco-friendly then its customized opponent.

    Why reusable name badges are bad for your business

    custom photo ID name badge

    1. Reusable name badges often look cheap

    Employees are often not quite enthusiastic about wearing reusable name badges due to the fact that these name labels look cheap. It seems that business is saving money on everything including public labels. If you do prefer reusable name badges, please stick to best design practices for reusable name badges described in another post to avoid this clash of expectations.

    2. Reusable name badges don’t look professional and trustworthy

    Reusable name badges belong to temporary employees, trainees or interns. That’s why full-time staff underestimates such staff name badges.

    3. Reusable name badges are easy to lose

    Unlike custom name badges with a photo, a logo and detailed description, reusable name badges are “neutral” that it’s hard to differentiate them in a pile of documents. Besides, when everyone knows about a quick replacement of a current name badge, employees don’t strive to save reusable name badges.

    4. Reusable name badges aren’t associated with personal IDs

    Employees have much less respect and identification to blank universal name badges, than to a custom name badge with own photo, name and job title. If all employees have similar reusable name badges with the same words and design, their value goes down.

    Comparing reusable name badges vs. custom name badges? Get any name badges now at MakeBadge

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