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Since August 29, 2011, MakeBadge is available worldwide in beta mode. MakeBadge is a free online badge maker. It makes name tags, name badges, identification badges, staff passes, and custom employee badges. Designed as a web application, MakeBadge enables user to create all sorts of badge via favorite browser without any desktop software installs. Thus, web technology makes badge creation accessible from PC or a mobile device.




MakeBadge goes Beta version

At MakeBadge you can design badges depending on:

  • badge types: you can choose between rectangular and button badges.
  • badge purpose such as name tags, business badge, company badge, name badges, employee badge, staff ID badge, conference badge, event badge, promotional badge, visitor badge or a custom badge.
  • badge material like plastic badge, paper badge, button badge, magnetic badge, photo badge.




Unlike other badge making software, MakeBadge is a free online app allowing any user to design a badge or try name tags design himself. Thus, MakeBadge eliminates the need to hire a badge designer and saves your money. Besides, you can make as many badges as you need, try all sorts of designs, shapes, and layouts.



Currently MakeBadge is based on Adobe Flash technology which is not supported by Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook devices. Users of these gadgets cannot enjoy MakeBadge application. Moreover, MakeBadge is in early beta mode. Please contact us if you notice any errors while making badges.


UPD. No more beta! Full-featured free business card maker is ready for you! Make custom business cards, printable name badges and employee name tags for free!

Make Free business cards, printable name badges and employee name tags!

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