MakeBadge is a universal badge maker. It makes all sorts of badges free online and provides you with all accompanying options for badge making such as: name badge templates, badge design, name badges personalization and badge printing. Thus, you can generate name badges from scratch and proceed to actual printing in less than 10 minutes while paying nothing for this!


Name Badge


Here are the most popular types of name badges created at MakeBadge:


Name Badges

Name badges are rectangular ID cards that show your picture, basic info about you like first name, last name, company name, job title etc. Name badge is a general term for all minor types of badges. To make your own name badges, go to our free badge maker, select rectangular name badge template, add persons ID details and print as many name badges as you need. Don’t forget to read our guide on how to make badges and more tips on name badge printers in our blog.


ID Badges

ID badges serve to identify the owner personality. ID badges often work as passes to offices, events, conferences or limited access areas. In fact, ID badges contain similar information as name badges. But ID badges may include more details about its owner, for example, signature, phone number or a barcode. To generate such ID badges for yourself or your employees, you should obtain a person’s permission for it. Remember MakeBadge do not allow anyone to create fake ID cards for any purpose.


Custom Badges

Custom badges are modified name badge templates. Imagine, you download a name badge template and plan to make own badge. How do you design a badge according to your company standards? Easily, with MakeBadge! Open our online badge maker, choose a name badge template, change usual settings so they meet your badge requirements and make personalized name badges. The final step is to print your custom badges on your own printer and distribute your name badges among employees, visitors or invitees.


Name Badge Template

Name badge template is the source for further custom name badge creation. At MakeBadge badge maker there are 2 basic types of name badge templates: button badge template and rectangular badge templates. Both shapes of badges can be customized so they fit your company style. Visit MakeBadge home page and select badge template, try to resize your name badge, change badge color, add visual effect and content. Finally, save and download your name badge template so you can evaluate badge design with your business team or print name badge template if it’s necessary.


Employee Badges

Employee badges are the most common type of name badges. Each small business or a big company in an office building makes company name badges or in other words employee badges. Employee badges perform the role of ID badges for workers. These name badges contain company name, employee name, his/her job title, department, phone, address or a signature. The differences between company name badges content vary from one business to another. Even sometimes staff badges can be replaced by name tags. So it’s hard to set a common employee ID badge sample. That’s why each employee name badge requires certain customization and design modification which is fully provided by MakeBadge app.


Conference Name Badges

Conference name badges are other popular items out of name badges line. When you organize a big event with lots of speakers, guests of representatives, conference badges is what you can see on each person neck or clothes. You can see conference badges at fairs, party conventions, political summits and so on and so forth. As usual, all-conference name badges have identical badge template design, photo, bio and these name badges are printed on high-quality paper. Conference name badge design is traditionally neutral and business focused. Moreover, the name badges like this may refer to the event organizer with a small logo, website address or contact phone number.


Visitor Badges

Visitor badges are issued to your business visitors, school visitors or even your event visitors. Normally, visitor badges indicate that the person does not have full rights as the internal staff or his rights are limited by time or territory of access. If we speak about visitor name badge specification, these badges may belong to reusable name badges category. On the one hand, visitor badge may utilize only one name badge template without any data about the visitor. Thus, anyone who enters your building gets a visitor badge and then the person leaves your company he gives the visitor badge back. If you use this approach, you can make a few reusable name badges for visitors with our online badge maker and save your time. On the other hand, you can always create custom visitor badges at MakeBadge since our free badge generator has no limits on a number of produced name badges.


Press Badge

Press badge is a type of conference name badges that are made especially for media reps. Sometimes press badge can be used as a visitor badge if you invite a journalist to your company or educational institution. Anyway, if you want to make a press pass, follow the same steps as for name badges and don’t forget to add a sign that it’s a press badge.


Event Badges

Event badges can be either classic conference name badges with a rectangular name badge template or rare button badges. Buttons use a circle badge template and are distributed as memorabilia after an event. Depending on your goals, you can make both types of event badges at MakeBadge. Just enter the badge maker application, pick up button template or name badge template, fill in all fields, play with event badge design and download or print your event badges for free on the spot.


Reusable Name Badges

Reusable name badges are the easiest badges you can imagine. Find a proper name badge template, create many name badges of one kind and use them several times. Input only basic information about company or event, so your name badges can be called truly reusable name badges. If you do all right, such name badges will look authentic on any person and you will have less hassle with badge design.


Need name badges today? Go to MakeBadge online badge maker and make any sort of name badges here!

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