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Make badges, name tags, business cards, button badges, and other types of ID cards for free with MakeBadge, a badge maker. Design name badges and print badges for your company, employees or charity organization. Find here everything you need for making name badges online with Free Vector app.

A wisely chosen badge design may evoke sympathy to you and your company even without knowing you well. That’s why it so essential to have a truly stunning name badge. Here we will guide you through the process of creating a unique “My Name is…” badge which will not leave you unnoticed!



You can choose one of the nice free badge templates or create your own one from scratch following steps below.

Step 1.

Start Making Your Badge. Choose a Canvas and unit size.

Go to the powerful Vectr editor

Sign Up to save your artwork


This is the start editor screen. As you see, it’s a temporary artwork file. To save it you have to register and sign in.



Specify your putput paper size


In the very beginning, we set the canvas size in the Pages section from the left side of your workspace. We recommend to choose the paper size according your printer output. In our example we’ve chosen the A4 canvas size.



define the measurement unit


By clicking on the second icon in the right-top of the screen, you can type the file name and determine the unit of measurement which you will use through your creative process. (Please take a look back to the canvas size. If something wrong, just adjust it as Custom size (210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches depending of chosen measurement unit)).



Step 2.

Choose the Badge Size.

There are a lot of name badge and name tag sizes. You can see the popular sizes in our Blank Inserts section and choose the most suitable for your case. We use the 4″ x 3″.

draw the badge shape


Use the rectangle tool to start drawing the badge shape. After that specify the exact size in the lower-right screen section.
Now it is a time to decide what will be the badge’s background color and outline.



Step 3.

Let’s start designing!

We have to create the colorful layers of the badge with the help of the rectangle shape and color them in the “Background change” section.

zoom to the badge borders


Zoom to the badge shape and switch to the “Layers” mode in the left panel. Now you can see all the added objects as layers, delete, make it invisible, change it’s order or select to adjust some tuning in the right panel.



Step 4.

Let’s make the content.

create the badge areas


Let’s make the light-gray rectangle to divide the badge’s content area from logotype zone.



add a logo image


Drag-n-drop a logo image or use the “cloud” instrument in the left toolbar to start the image import dialog.



find a right place for your logo


Drag the logo to the right place and adjust desired logotype dimensions and alignment.



type your name


Type your name. Choose the font face, size, color and desired alignment.



type hello my name is...


Type the “Hello, my name is” phrase.



add a rectangle under area


Add the rectangle to specify the area for this phrase. Color it in one of your corporate colors.



align the hello my name is area


Move it under the text and align it properly.



type your position


Type your position.



make a color zone for department area


Let’s make a color zone for the department text. Use some of your corporate colors too.



type a department title


Type the name of your department



fine tuning


Make some fine tuning to the badge composition, text sizes and colors.



how it looks on the list


See how it looks on your printer list.



duplicate your badge


Select all the badge objects and group it. Now you can multiply your badge on the list many times.



need badges for all your team?


Need badges for all your team? No problem!



Step 5.

Export or print your artwork.

export or print your name badge


Export your badges set to the desired format or just print it and then cut.


That’s all! You have made awesome badges set in 5 minutes.