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  • How to Make Badges Free & Fast

    October 18, 2014 help badges, name badges

    How to Make Badges Free & Fast

    Make badges, name tags, business cards, button badges, and other types of ID cards for free with MakeBadge, a badge maker. Design name badges and print badges for your company, employees or charity organization. Find here everything you need for making name badges online with MakeBadge app.

    Badge Maker create name badge free

    From the first stage of name badge design choice to badge content writing and name badge printing, the tutorial shows all benefits of making printable badges with our free badge maker over pricey badge machines.

    Step #1 Start Making Your Badge

    Badge Type

    Choose between rectangular and rounded badge shapes. Switch to desired badge type by clicking a Badge Type icon in the left upper corner.

    Step #2 Change Badge Size

    Badge Size

    Click Badge Size drop-down menu to select a standard badge size or set a custom badge size by stretching badge frame. Use Zoom option for precise badge editing.

    Badge Template

    Adjust badge size manually by dragging badge angles or pick up a Badge Template.

    Step #3 Add Your Text

    Add Text to Badge

    Click +Text to add words to your badge. Double click the sample text to erase it. Use the toolbox on the left to change text size, font and style. You can move the text frame by your mouse or add a new text frame.

    Step #4 Add Photo to Your Badge

    Add Photo to Badge

    Click +Image to add a photo to your badge. Click Upload New to add image from your device, resize with the help of the red frame.

    Step #5 Add Rectangle to Your Badge

    Add Rectangle to Badge

    Click +Rectangle to add a colorful rectangle to your badge. Note: Your can put a text field over the rectangle by clicking +Text and overlaying the text frame.

    Step #6 Change Badge Background Color

    Change Badge Background

    Click Background Color to set your badge color. Use left-side tool panel to modify your badge background color.

    Step #7 Save & Print Your Badge

    Print Badge

    Click Save to save your badge as a .png file. Or click Print to print your badge on your local printer. Click Cancel or switch back to editing mode and refine the badge.

    Remember you can cancel all changes anytime by clicking Reset All button.

    Are you ready to make badges? Go to MakeBadge free badge maker and make badges here!

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