Badge Printing Gets Easier: Forget Badge Making Machines Forever

Not long time ago badge printing was a serious challenge for small business. You had to buy a badge maker machine or download badge generator software. Nowadays the situation has changed thanks to MakeBadge that works as your online name badge printer. Create a name badge with our badge maker and see how easy badge printing can be!

Name Badge Printing

Usually small business means small office and a small team. When you need to make company name badges or badges for employees, badge maker machine purchase seems to be too expensive. Just count – the price per one ID badge print may exceed $200. Isn’t it pricey for name badges?

Another disadvantage of badge making machines – they require professional maintenance and supplies. These things also cost pretty penny. If you combine the cost of the supplies and the machine, such badge printer turns to be unfavourable for a small company. So what are ways out?

You can design name badges and print badges with one of instant ID card printing services like Moo. However, you still will pay for each badge and cover the cost of id badges shipping and handling. Although, the expenses will be smaller because you spend money solely on your employee id badges printing without hardware service costs.

One more solution is reusable name badges. Download name badge templates and make reusable name badges with the help of badge templates. So you will have set of identical name badges for all your staff. Each employee name badge can be replaced with another one. Thus, you can save money on name badge design and reusable name badge prints should be cheaper. There is only little drawback: your staff will have no personalized name badges and they all will look the same.

Now let’s return to MakeBadge free name badge printer. The app offers great opportunities for all of us. First of all, there are many sorts of various name badge templates. You can choose perfect size, style, color. Besides, along with name badges, MakeBadge is a good button maker. Here you can make buttons for various events and needs. Thanks to it, each person will have custom name badges with unique badge design. Since the badge maker allows you to make your own badges online for free, you reduce expenses on shipping and print name badges as you want on own printer. That’s why the cost of each badge printing is as low as possible.

So do you still plan to buy a badge printer machine? Forget it! Make printable name badges online now!

Make printable name badges now!

Badge Printing Gets Easier: Forget Badge Making Machines Forever updated: February 20, 2017 by: anna