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Making a Visiting Card Step-by-Step in Photoshop.

When you need to make and print a set of Business Cards quickly, you can create it using popular software like Adobe Photoshop CC just un a few minutes. Follow the steps below and you’ll be enjoyed your results.



01. Create a new file or artboard with A4 canvas.


The exact page format depends on your printer’s output. Set the page orientation as you wish. We have decided that Portrait layout will be better.


02. Add a fixed sized (85mm x 55mm) rectangle on your canvas.


To make the rectangle filled with white and outlined with thin light-grey stroke (for example #e2e2e2) click on the rectangle’s layer twice. The effects panel appears. Choose the Color Overlay (white) and Stroke (2px light-grey) options.


03. Use the Photoshop guidelines to mark the card’s safe zone and add a photo.


Using the square “select” area you can simply define the content zone of your card and mark it with guidelines.


04. Add a Company Logo and type a text.


Play with font faces and sizes to reach the best “look-and-feel”. Please note that if the font size is too small, it may be unreadable on a printed sheet.


05. Multiply your card to fill all the paper area.


The best way to make it is to group all the layers of your card and then duplicate/move this group to fill all the printable area. Try to make it without gaps.




06. Print and enjoy!

Print your artwork using your own printer in color or b/w mode according to your needs. Gently cut the cards with scissors.
That’s all! If you do not have Photoshop installed on your PC, try to use Makebadge Online Editor, the awesome online instrument which will help you to make business cards, ID badges and named badges quickly.


Do not have Adobe Photoshop?

Create your own business card via Makebadge right now!


How to make a Business Card via Makebadge?

  1. Sign In to the
  2. Go to the Makebadge’s Business Cards section here.
  3. Choose a template or start to create your Card from scratch.
  4. Define a size and orientation of your Visiting Card.
  5. Choose a text size, fonts, colors.
  6. Type all your text fields and set font sizes to them.
  7. Upload a logo oe a photo.
  8. Check all the elements’ positions, change if necessary.
  9. Save your artwork.
  10. Export your Business Card as a file.
  11. Print it on your home printer or in nearest Print Shop.




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