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Probably you already have staff name tags. If not yet, create name tags for employees right now using MakeBadge badge maker.

Employee name tags or also called name badges become an ordinary attribute of business. Tons of ink and paper is wasted on such paper cards printing every day. Numerous websites sell stock and blank badges. But do these business cards perform well for your company? Do your workers’ tags stick in the minds of your clients and remind them about their visit to your office, reception, or hotel? Let’s gather 4 best practices for employee tags design so you can boast of your business cards and avoid silly mistakes.



Employee name tags for business

It’s time to change the situation and stop underestimating the marketing power of simple name tags.


Why good design of employee name tags is important

Your name tag style, design, words, shape speak about your business and add additional value to your business – focus customer attention on YOUR company and services.

Put yourself into the shoes of your customers. An average person sees dozens of employee name tags each day. When a customer enters your store or a car service, an employee name badge helps to start a conversation. This tiny piece of paper not only states who is standing in front of the customer, his/her position, and any your company name, but it also should differentiate your business from competitors.


4 examples of bad habits in badge design

For instance, if you see a reusable blank “Hello my name is” name tag like this

Hello My name is name tag template bad design

you would likely to feel about the business:

  • I won’t remember this company in an hour;
  • It’s just a name tag template – the firm save on everything, even paper;
  • They are in such rush that have no time to type staff names into the badges;
  • It looks cheap; probably the service they provide is of the same low level.

As you see, such tags may poorly influence customer’s opinion about your company. If you disagee with me, see our step-by-step guide guide for making good-looking blank badges.


4 distinctions of superb employee badge design

If you are planning to create an outstanding employee name tags, find some time to think over each design element in order to avoid the situation described above.

custom photo ID name badge

Let’s gather basic design elements of employee name badges that speak about your company and transmit your company image:

1. Template
2. Color
3. Readable info
4. Quality of printing

If you apply best name badge design practice tips, your badges say only positive things about your business and provoke only warm feelings among customers.


Template. If you select an ordinary name tag template, apply some elements to modify it: unique size, unusual proportions or shape. MakeBadge badge maker allows you to make square, rounded, rectangular name badges. There’s an option to add a colorful placeholder that can divide your employee document into several visibly meaningful areas.


Color. Color must be suitable for your business. It should add professional style to badges. Remember about font colors – they should match the name badge background palette. If you have a certain colors kit that you use for a corporate website, uniform, a logo, a door sign, then go ahead and use the similar colors on your staff name tags. Thus, they are grasped as a continuation of your brand image. See our previous post to learn about all branding aspects.


Readable content. The main function of an employee name tag is to quickly provide correct info to a customer about the staff. That’s why any person with any vision should get acquainted with an employee in a second. When you add words to your employee badge by clicking “+Text” button in MakeBadge app, choose a standard newspaper font: Arial, Georgia, or Times New Roman. Ideally, select a black font for white background or white letters for name tags with black background.


Quality of printing. Quality of your name tags speaks out loud about your business. Even with creative name tag design – poor printing can spoil all the impression. We advise thinking twice, in terms of printing, which type of badges is best for you – full-color name tags or classic black and white name badges. Note that MakeBadge badge maker prints both colorful and regular name tags. Plus, it’s recommended to laminate paper-printed employee name badges or place them into plastic holders so they won’t look poor and worn-out in several months.

In a word, before you put on a name tag, make sure its look and feel proudly represent your business by all means: design, color, font, paper.



Get right name tags for your business at MakeBadge!

Get right name tags for your business at MakeBadge!