Did you know that promotional badges are one of the best promotional items available on the market? People have been familiar with different kind of promotional items many centuries before: at political manifestations and revolutions, as a newspaper and events add, and then, nowadays we continue to use them everywhere. You can apply promotional name badges with success at the official venues and conventions, conferences, concerts, parties, schools, restaurants and bars, offices and enterprises, and, of course, in advertising.

promotional button badges


There are some varieties of classical badges you can make for corporate giveaways – the standard button badge with a pin, soft photo badges made on steel, paper or other metal colorful basement. In slogan is applicable, you can add it also for even more impressive look. Many successful examples of promotional badges are sold on the internet and in stores, so you can also make some profit.

In large quantities promotional badges are not expensive, so anyone can afford them and apply as giveaway products. It is a wonderful way to raise appreciation for your business. Your logo will be seen on the customers clothing and will attract attention among the people.

corporate pin badge


Everywhere you think that advertising of your business is needed in society, you can show the company logo off by spreading the promotional badges for free among the corporate co-workers, clients, places, formal and informal events. Depending on the sphere your business belongs to you can pin your company brand on this category of customers.

In order to create a promotional badge, you can use our name tag maker absolutely free of charge here, at Makebadge.com. And also, don’t forget to have a look at our impressive brand – new designers’ templates available from our online badge creator here.

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