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Are business cards not dead?

Despite the companies’ tendency to use online advertising, business cards still exist. You may think now of a business card with a classical design – a white rectangle with a color logo and black letters. Or you may recall in your memory a legendary Bill Gates business card, simple and practical… Forget about it. That ‘s just an old mournful story which came to its end. In the age of the realm of brand new technologies and personalization of the market odd materials and puzzling shapes rule. Relying on your own individuality and modern printing options you can create a real masterpiece that will stand out the potential clients and eventually bring success to your business project.



Corporate identity based on business card only?

As a rule, start-ups have no big budget for advertising, but it is absolutely necessary for them to make an impression on clients and partners. That is why many small- size companies and “solo” entrepreneurs try to create quite unusual business cards, easy to be noticed. They make the most stunning and crazy ideas that ever got inside a human’s head reality. Such cards create a really unforgettable corporate identity. In creating a business card all possible methods and methods are used, e.g. different materials, asymmetrical forms, additional decorative elements, embossing, figure cutting, etc.


Designer business card as a flagship of innovation advertising

Furthermore, after gaining popularity among the clients, these unique business cards begin to live their own lives, migrating from the cardholders to the Internet. They start moving from site to site, dragging the attention of designers all over the world.


Top 10 most weird business cards

In this review we have selected the top 10 most unusual cards, made of unique materials, that will inspire you to create an impressive image of your business.

hairdresser Yuka Suzuki business card / Makebadge business cards materials

A business card made of hairpins and paper for a hairdresser Yuka Suzuki


Wool made business card

An impressive business card by Lasting Imprints, made of wool.


Chocolate Business Card in Silver Box

A chocolate business card, made by BrandedItems.


Laser engraved business card made of wood

Another business card by DigitalScratch, made of wood and laser engraved.


Bombay Bakery business card

Dizzy design for Bombay Bakery in Mumbai. Cool idea of edible business cards. Fresh business cards are baked every 10 days and distributed to all nearby grocery stores.


Yoga Trainers' Business Cards

Just another fancy design for Yoga School made of plastic.


Greek Restaurant ceramic visiting card

Greek architect business card made of ceramics. Why not? A place for everything and everything in its place.


Customizable business card

Customizable ceo business card for a grafic designer.


Hair Dresser Business Cards

Funny Hair Dresser’s Business Card


Bike Multi-Tool Business Card

Bike Multi-Tool Business Card


Let’s get going!

In the end, it may seem to be a challenge to find a source or a printer that will provide such business cards for you, but no worries! There are plenty of typographies that can provide you with this service.
To start, all you need is to try to make a business card for free on Here you create any card using your imagination in 2 clicks. Just go for it!




How to make a Business Card?

  1. Sign In to the
  2. Go to the Makebadge’s Business Cards section (
  3. Choose a desired template or start to create your Card from scratch.
  4. Define a size and orientation of your Visiting Card.
  5. Define the areas inside your canvas where will be text fields, photo or a corporate logo, contact address, phones, emails e.t.c.
  6. Choose a text size, fonts, colors.
  7. Type all your text fields and set desired sizes to them.
  8. Upload a logo and photo.
  9. Check all the elements’ positions, change its places if necessary.
  10. Save your artwork.
  11. Export your Business Card as a file.
  12. Print it on your home printer or in nearest Print Shop using desired business cards materials.



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