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Take a look how to make the cards and badges step by step via Online Badge Creator tool.

How to make a Business Card in Adobe Photoshop
Make your professional business card using Adobe Photoshop in 5 minutes!Here’s what you need to do:1. Launch Adobe Photoshop CC;2. Create a New File with A4 size;3. Add the rectangle with fixed 85mm x 55mm size;4. Place a photo and your company logo;5. Specify company name, your job title, full name, business address;6. Drag objects on your badge to reach an optimal composition;7. Group all badge layers when done;8. Multiply your badge to fill all the A4 size;That’s all you need to do to create your own business card or name tag using Adobe Photoshop CC.

How to Make Badges for Free
Watch video guide and start making your first printable badge at zero price!Here’s what you need to do:1. Launch free online badge maker app;2. Set size and shape;3. Upload your photo, if you want a photo ID badge;4. Specify company name, your job title, full name, business address;5. Using app toolset, drag and drop objects on badge;6. Save template as .PNG file or print it right away on your printer.That’s all you need to do to create company badges free of charge.

How to Make Name Tags Fast
Find out how to make name tags absolutely free in our video tutorial.If you don’t have time for watching, follow these steps:1. Visit http://makebadge.com/;2. Click “Make name tags” option;3. Enter your name;4. Add your business name and job title if applicable;5. Pick label dimensions, background color or image;6. Download or print tag sample.Thus, you can create name tags quickly and without any expenses.

Business Card for Beginners
We’ll show you how to design a business card even if you’re not a professional PhotoShop master. Transcript:1. Use free card maker at here;2. Set height and width in inches or centimeters;3. Take advantage of ready-made design template, if necessary;4. Paste brand image, apply corporate style font and colors;5. Add your name, job title, contact information and address;6. Print any quantity of business cards on your own printer.Makebadge.com is a free online business card creator that is easy to use and free for everyone.