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I have to confess I’m not a developer. I don’t have solid knowledge of HTML, CSS coding or database configuring. But I want to be fast to load, easy to navigate, and error-free. I think I won’t make a discovery if I say that my wish list is typical for all website owners and webmasters.

To optimize my website performance, I tried various online HTML validation tools such as Firefox plugins, Chrome extensions, and free Google page speed. In my opinion, the best page code validation tool is WebPagetest.



WebPagetest is a free, simple to use, intuitive and highly informative web app. You go to WebPagetest site, enter your domain name, specify the desired browser and location. For example, you want to check your site load speed from Rome, Italy in Internet Explorer 7 or you need to estimate the same characteristics from Dallas, US. Now you can monitor your site speed performance thanks to WebPagetest.

Moreover, you will validate your website HTML, CSS code with WebPagetest. Valid good page code brings higher site search rank and top Google search positions. Therefore, most of developers strive to perfect the code as much as they can.
WebPagetest helps you to validate your site code and measure the need for improvement. HTML/CSS validation results

web page test

are presented in tables and graphs. Each aspect of code is evaluated separately and its grade is shown next to the corresponding section. For instance, you may have A+ HTML code, but CSS may suck. WebPagetest will display the score’s summary and tips how to improve it. WebPagetest checkup results are so informative, that even not an advanced developer understands what to do to enhance in the code. To view detailed website code analysis and refinement recommendations, click any score and explore the test data.

It’s time to cut the waffle, I recommend to go to WebPagetest since it works well for and it’s likely to make your site better too.


See the Video how to use the WebPageTest service

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