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  • Top 5 Free Apps for Business Meeting Organizers: Plan, Invite, Present

    February 21, 2013 blog free web apps, name tags

    Successful business meeting or convention like beneficial negotiations or efficient networking require a lot of skills, practice, energy and talent. To organize a good business meeting, you’ll need to develop a road-map for the meeting in advance to avoid any force majeure. Otherwise, the situation may get out of control and meeting results may be worse than anyone expected.

    If you want to organize a meeting without a hitch, bookmark these top 5 free apps for meeting organizers which help plan meetings, organize events, invite people, store all necessary stats, publish and share meeting presentation slides.

    1. Invite to meeting with Eventbrite

    Invite to meeting with Eventbrite

    Eventbrite is a free web service that helps invite and inform everyone about your public events. Sign up for an account, set your public meeting date, time, location, add a meeting description and topic. You can even sell tickets to your meeting, if you wish and promote your meeting to others. Besides, you can track any events on your PC or device via your Eventbrite account.

    2. Plan meeting with Wunderlist

    Plan meeting with Wunderlist

    Wunderlist is a free meetings planner for your iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. Input all tasks in to this to-do list and keep them at your fingertips. Thanks to Wunderlist you can efficiently plan a meeting and remember about all details and do your meeting “homework” brilliantly: buy paper, sync all devices, reserve a table in a restaurant for a business lunch, and get fresh coffee for breaks.

    3. Prepare documents for meeting with Evernote

    Prepare documents for meeting with Evernote

    Evernote is a free note taker that saves all info for you and your business partners. You can collect all important facts, data-sheets, sketches, key points for the meeting discussion. Moreover, you can email these docs right from Evernote app which is available for both desktop and mobile devices for free.

    4. Create event name tags with MakeBadge

    event name tags with MakeBadge

    MakeBadge badge maker designs and prints full color name tags for business meetings and conferences free of charge. This DIY app lets you create name tags of all kinds: rectangular, circle, blank name tags, personalized name tags, and even photo ID name badges. If your meeting members don’t know each other in person, prepare name tags with their first and last name, job title, company names, logos and even pictures via MakeBadge app.

    5. Prepare presentations for meeting with Slideshare

    Prepare presentations for meeting with Slideshare

    Slideshare is a website where you can prepare presentations similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Surely, if you organize all meeting info with slides, all meeting visitors will follow meeting schedule. Slideshare allows to embed any type of content into presentation: images, graphics, poll stats. Add comments for slides with additional info when it’s suitable. Plus, Slideshare is connected to LinkedIn, thus it’s possible to share your meeting presentation easily.

    All these top business apps are free to use, so you can plan, invite, organize superb meeting. Don’t be shy to take advantage of the 5 web apps – they’ll be the best business event assistants for you!