How to Design Custom Badges Online Free

Custom badges are unique name badges that contain full employee info. Unlike reusable name badges, custom badges are one & only in the sense of style for each team member.

Original custom badges are inexpensive to print using MakeBadge badge maker! All you need to do is to select a template for custom badge design and to unleash your creativity. Click “Get Started” button¬†to make any number of customized badges free and quickly.

Watch our detailed guide about custom badge design:

MakeBadge badge maker is an easy way to get exclusive custom badges design. Just repeat these steps:

  1. Click “Get Started” above;
  2. Select a custom name badge template;
  3. Put employee name on the badge;
  4. Add a job title name and/or company name;
  5. Play with design elements, fonts, colors;
  6. Download your custom badges and print them for free.


Go ahead and create free custom badges online!

Design free custom badges online!

How to Design Custom Badges Online Free updated: February 20, 2017 by: anna