Available file formats:
1. Adobe Illustrator – .ai;
2. Microsoft Word – .docx;
3. Vector – .eps;
4. Bitmap – .jpg;
5. Apple Pages – .pages;
6. PDF version – .pdf;
7. Lossless Bitmap – .png;
8. PSD version. The layered file for Adobe Photoshop.



Choose what is more useful for you at this moment.
After making a customization you can print your artwork using your printer or save it for further print in a local print shop.

Badge Insert size:
4 x 7-1/4″(4 x 7.25″) – 101.6 x 184.15mm

Printable paper size:
A4. (2 items inside with the crop marks and dashed outlines).



  1. Unzip the downloaded archive.
  2. Choose the desired badge size and file format from the bundle files (see the file names).
  3. Place your design into a chosen template and multiply it to all the template placeholders in the printable A4 area.
  4. (Optional) Save it as a new file or export in another file format.
  5. Print your artwork using your own printer.
  6. Cut the cards/tags with a paper trimmer or scissors taking advantage of cutting marks.


SKU: BA4T-027 Category: Blank insert templates

Additional information


184.15mm, 7.25"


101.6mm, 4"



Applicable to

name badges, name tags




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