Stylish black classic-looking card. Suitable for most of the business cases. Classic layout and white text on the black make this card good-readable and effective.

To customize this template you should click the “Personalize” button below. Please register and sign in to your account to get an ability to save/download your artwork.



Is it time to change your business card?
Meet the brand new visiting card template for our online editor. The black background and inverted text make this card good-looking and unforgettable.
You don’t need to pay for cards anymore, just press the button below, open the online editor and customize the template in minutes. Use this design as a base for your own artwork.

Be creative,feel free to edit any element:

  • card size;
  • text lines;
  • font faces and font sizes;
  • text line heights;
  • colors of the text;
  • add your logo;
  • change any element positions;
  • add fills, backgrounds and gradients;
  • add geometric objects;
  • align and distribute elements.

After making changes you can print your artwork using your printer or save it for further print in a local print shop.



Card size:
88mm x 55mm.


Embedded Google fonts:

  • Abrill Fatface
  • Open Sans


SKU: OBC-02 Categories: Business Cards, Premium templates


What you will get

Your customized artwork (result of your customization) based on chosen template in high resolution (300dpi) raster images in .jpg, .png, .pdf formats and .svg vector image. If a chosen template has two sides, there will be files for both sides.


How to use

  1. Please register and sign in to your account to get an ability to save your artwork for editing in the future and to download it in high resolution (300dpi).
  2. Press “Personalize” button below.
  3. Choose one template (based on size and type (f.e. “PNT-01-3.5x2in-88.9×50.8mm-Business-card”)) in the left panel in Editor.
  4. Make your customization of the template. Fill the text lines with your information, change the font, add, move and modify the elements.
  5. Save your artwork (modified template) in your personal account library by pressing the “Save” button. Your saved designs appear on the Dashboard in “My Account” page.
  6. To download your work as files you can press “Download” directly in Editor or you should Add your customized Design to the Cart in Editor by pressing “Add to Cart”, proceed to Checkout ($0 if it is a Free product) and then you’ll get a Download button for all added items.


Where to print

Home Printer, Professional Print Shop, Online Print Shop or any Local Print Shop.
For printing, you can use PDF, JPG or PNG files.

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