MakeBadge is an online badge maker with 50+ free templates!

Select any layout and create all kinds of stickers & emblems: badges, pins, labels, group work badges, buttons. 

Prepare paraphernalia for any event: meet-up, conference, workshop and team: employees, freelancers, visitors, interns.

Add your logo, photo, contact details. Choose background and paper style: black and white or full color.

Download printable cards or print at office, home or school. No minimum orders. 100% free since 2011.

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October 5, 2014 help badge maker, badges, name badges, name tags

1. What is MakeBadge?

MakeBadge is a web application which allows you to design various sorts of badges, name tags and business cards.

2. How many badges I can make?

Please feel free to make as many badges as you want.

3. How much should I pay you?

Now MakeBadge is free. There are no hidden fees or undercover costs.

4. Why MakeBadge is free? How do you support project?

We run ads at MakeBadge website and this helps us to make living. Hope, the ads do not irritate you too much. Please feel free to contact us at if some ads are misleading. We will do our best to get rid of them from our site.

5. I’m worried about security of personal data I provide to MakeBadge. Do you record it somehow?

We do not record any data that you input in MakeBadge app. We have no access to your personal data. Please read our Privacy Policy. If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at



6. I have questions how to make my badge. Do you have guides or tutorials?

Please visit our Help section for online tutorials on making badges or email us at

7. I have suggestions how to improve MakeBadge! How should I contact you?

We will be happy to know your ideas. Please tell us what you think at

8. When I make my badge, I get an error message. What I should do?

We are eager to improve our application. Please let us know about it at Thanks a lot in advance!