There are more than 25 ready badge templates at MakeBadge. In addition to popular rectangular name badges and name tags, here you can design button badges free of charge. Button badges are circle badges that are often used as promotional badges, memorabilia or souvenirs. Unlike business cards, the buttons have fewer standards in their design, and requirements to style, size or print.

button badges


Read the tutorial below on how to make a button with MakeBadge and visit MakeBadge free button maker to create your buttons badges.

Step 1 Select button badge template

button badge type

Use the upper toolbar and select button badge from the badge type menu.

Step 2 Choose button badge size

button badge template

In the next column, select a size from the circle badge template drop-down. Here you can find 5 top button badges templates such as: 25 mm (1 in); 38 mm (1.5 in); 50.8 mm (2 in); 63.5 mm (2.5 in); 88.9 mm (3.5 in).

Step 3 Customize your button badge size

custom button badge

Use your mouse in order to enlarge the template. Apply Zoom for more precise work.

Step 4 Add a background image or color to your button

add image background to button badge

Click +Image icon and add a picture as a background to your round badge.

button badge background color

Or click the Background color link and create a full-color button.

Step 5 Add text to a button badge

button badge text

If you need to add words to your button badge, click +Text icon. Select type, size and color and apply text to your button.

Step 6 Download button badge template

download and print button badge template

To save your button badge design template, hit the “Save” button and download the template in .png format onto your computer.

Step 7 Print button badges

To print ready button badges, press the “Print” button, specify the number of buttons you need and print the button badges on your work or home printer.

Note: You can always combine several steps or clear all. For example, you can add 2 images to your button badge by clicking +Image icon twice and uploading 2 different photos. Or you can use a colorful background and add an image (for instance, a logo). To get rid of all changes and return to a blank button badge template, click the “Reset All” button on the left panel.

Do you want to make own button badges? Make unique buttons and promotional circle badges with MakeBadge now!

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