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Ask your name tag that you create for free with new MakeBadge web app.

November 1, 2011 – free online application MakeBadge comes to the world and now everyone has the opportunity to create a personalized design for name tags, badges, business cards, etc.

Making Badges

Small business companies, event managers, cafe and shop owners as well as educational institutions, fan clubs, design amateurs, actually everyone are able to generate nice-looking badges for various occasions.

MakeBadge allows users to choose templates of their future badges. It can be either a classic square shape that is the best suit for business cards, name tags, company badges, conference badges etc. Or it can be a more unusual round one that works as a fan-badge, souvenir, identification mark and a gift.

MakeBadge lets you skip special expensive training or getting any specific skills. All you need to do is to work with drag-and-drop, upload images, choose fonts and colors, add decorative elements, etc. Then just simply save the sample and send it to your printer.

Together with the efficient tool set, free online badge maker offers you something much better. Judge for yourself:

  • You control the whole process from the scratch line to the end;
  • You save on design expenses. MakeBadge costs $0;
  • You know when your name tag is ready as you set up a deadline;
  • You enjoy freedom to make endless corrections since MakeBadge has no time limited sessions or badge number restrictions;
  • You can create staff badges on the go because it’s web app.

Learn how to make badge now and let’s get started to make custom business cards


Start to create badges with MakeBadge now!

Make name badges!

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